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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Benefits of Marketing Online
     - Online Marketing Defined
     - Needs for Successful Online Marketing
     - Online Goals

Chapter Two: Reaching Your Target Audience
     - Targeting Different Types of Customers
     - Get the Word Out
     - Personalizing Your Website
     - Using Banner Ads
     - Keywords

Chapter Three: Create Content That is Effective
     - Components of Good Content

Chapter Four: Generating Advertising That is Free
     - Establish Credibility
     - Word of Mouth Marketing

Chapter Five: E-mail Marketing
     - Permission Based E-mail
     - Build Your E-mail List
     - E-mail Newsletters
     - List Hosting Services
     - Great Subject Lines

Chapter Six: Build a Community Online

Chapter Seven: Strategies for Co-Branding
     - Adding Partners to Your Website
     - Integrating Partnership Products

Chapter Eight: Rising to the Top of Search Engines
     - Search Engine Optimization Defined
     - Optimizing Your Website
     - Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

Chapter Nine: Building E-mail Lists
     - Importance of lists

Chapter Ten: Forgetting About SEO
     - Successful Branding
     - Market Research

Chapter Eleven: Website Development
     - Your Business Design