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eFitnessRewards is a cutting edge fitness platform based on the eFitnessTracker Framework that is easily adaptable to your organization's needs.

eFitnessRewards can provide your organization with a very potent and comprehensive wellness program designed specifically for corporate environments. It enables corporations of any size to assist employees in achieving healthy behavioral changes, while saving employers and employees significant sums of money in health care costs. Through individual commitment to the program, your company's healthcare costs can be lowered as a result of the improved health of its employees, which is tracked through eFitnessRewards.

Our health improvement system is designed to:
  • Be scalable to any size organization
  • Reduce medical claims and overall health care costs
  • Decrease absenteeism and turnover
  • Reduce usage rate of health care benefits
  • Retain valuable employees
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Enhance recruitment efforts
  • Improve productivity, commitment and resilience of employees
  • Educate employees about the benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Lower the risk for stress-related illnesses, common cancers, heart disease and diabetes
  • Improve and track key Bio-markers, such as Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index
  • Motivate your workforce to take control of their health
  • Show your employees that their health is important to the company

  • As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, more employers are looking to reduce their costs. Increasing employee contribution rates or installing more formal "Consumer Driven Health Plan" solutions can temporarily help, but companies are now going one step further. Employers and plan sponsors are currently providing employees and their covered dependents with programs to help prevent the chronic health problems that generally increase costs.

    By proactively choosing a health management plan, companies take control and can more effectively negotiate with healthcare insurers. Some health management plans are offering cash rewards and/or premium rebates to employees who successfully improve their key Bio-markers. Besides improving overall health, these incentives further encourage employee participation in outcome-focused, lifestyle management programs. Some programs also provide Health Risk Assessments along with Behavior Modification to provide the best long-term benefit. eFitnessRewards combines the best features of multiple health management options into one comprehensive solution.

    Contact us for further details on our Corporate Wellness Programs