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Enterprise Account
There are two types of accounts that we offer that being the Business Account and the Enterprise Account. There are many similar features between the two, however some of the additional key features of an Enterprise Account are:
  1. Multiple trainer logins
  2. Automated sign up process for members (you get paid, automatic creation of login sent to user)
  3. More advanced admin section
  4. Fitness Plan Generator for members (again more automation options)
  5. Fitness Rewards Program
If you are interested in a more automated solution or some of the options above, the Enterprise Account is a must to look at. The eFitnessTracker Enterprise Account is an extremely powerful tool that is geared towards proprietors looking to monetize from targeted web traffic they have or wish to expand on, multi-trainer groups, health clubs, entrepreneurs, and anyone how wants to seamlessly provide a unique and easy to offer fitness solution to their target market.

The eFitnessTracker Enterprise Account is a complete, easy to use online application that enables users with diverse backgrounds and fitness levels to create and track a customized fitness and diet program that meets their specific goals and objectives. Moreover, it empowers your business with cutting edge tools to market products and services to a captive audience interested in health and wellness.

For those users who want the option of some of the benefits of a personal trainer or nutritionist without the expense, this flexible application makes it happen. By answering some questions about their current lifestyle and what they hope to accomplish, eFitnessTracker can recommend a complete fitness program. At the same time, eFitnessTracker provides direct, seamless integration between the user and a trainer. Users can record and track their progress on their own or with professional guidance from anywhere, at anytime. Users of eFitnessTracker can keep track of their development either through a customized web portal or their Mobile Device. This flexibility provides up to date information and a consolidated view of progress for a total solution towards healthy living.

eFitnessTracker Framework
The Enterprise Account is built on the powerful eFitnessTracker framework that has been refined through years of continual improvements with fitness professionals, fitness enthusiasts and general members. Members receive:
  1. Interactive Weight Tracker
  2. Fitness Calendar & Diary
  3. Diet Analyst
  4. Complete Library of Workout Plans
  5. Exercises With Images & Video
  6. Calorie Tracker
  7. Health & Fitness Tips
  8. Fitness Calculators
  9. Workout Generator
  10. 100's of Healthy Meals & Recipes
  11. Fitness Community & Blog
  12. Access Anytime, Anywhere
The eFitnessTracker System provides your business with full control over what features your members have available to them. With UNLIMITED trainer accounts, your trainers and wellness coaches can also login with different features available to them including:
  1. Setup Client Membership Levels to Turn On and Off Features
  2. Setup Logging for Client Actions to Better Assess What They Are Doing
  3. Scheduling and Management Of Clients
  4. Print Invoices
  5. Liability/Waiver Forms, Assessment Forms & Progress Reports
  6. Progress Reports With Both Text & Graphs
  7. Send Emails (Including Group Emails) and Post Messages To Clients For When They Login
  8. Create Reusable Custom Workout Routines, Fitness Plans, Meals and Menus
  9. Ready-To-Go Workout Routines & Fitness Plans to start with
  10. Advanced Create Routine Wizard
  11. Connect With A Mobile Device To Track Client Workouts
  12. Logins with specific security and administration rights
Integrated Advertising
eFitnessTracker provides you with the ability to plug in your own advertising to promote products and generate revenue.

Lead Capture Technology
After you find traffic to your website, you are only part of the way there. The next step is to engage the visitor to take an action and the top priority must be to collect their information. Not everyone is ready to buy on the first look. Sometimes it takes 10-11 touches to the potential customer before a decision to buy happens. We provide an easy and informative lead capture tool in the form of a Fitness Analysis. By answering some basic questions, a visitor to your site can receive calculated results and recommendations on their Personal Fitness Profile. At that point the visitor has converted into a potential customer. Now the company can create customized content to distribute to the potential customer periodically in a newsletter format to create the necessary touches so that the potential customer feels comfortable enough to become a customer.

Completely Automated eCommerce Solution
eFitnessTracker provides your company with an eCommerce Solution that works right out of the box. Our cooperation with Paypal allows for instant payment and administration with a proven partner. Products and services are easily setup and your business receives instant notification when a purchase is made. In addition, members are setup immediately in the system at time of purchase. There is no further administration required.

Fitness Rewards Module
The incentive-driven eFitnessRewards program encourages your members to adopt habits that will gradually lead to permanent healthy lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity and healthy nutrition choices. Our product encourages users to set personal health and fitness goals, and then allows them to easily monitor their progress while staying motivated and interactive.

The use of incentives to reward people for healthy behavior has been shown to be extremely effective. We track and analyze key statistics such as:
  1. Logins in last 7 days
  2. Completed number of Workouts in the last 7 days
  3. Within Daily Calorie Goals
  4. Within Calorie Goals averaged for the last 7 days
  5. Within Weekly Calories Burned Goal through Exercise
  6. Post today to a group in the Fitness Community
  7. Posts to a group in the Fitness Community in the last 7 days
  8. Post today to own Blog in the Fitness Community
  9. Posts to own Blog in the Fitness Community in the last 7 days
  10. Sent Invites to the Fitness Community and the person accepted
  11. BMI calculation
  12. Blood Pressure
  13. Cholesterol
You decides what rewards to offer. This creates an opportunity to further promote products whether it be through sponsors, affiliates or products you directly offer. Such rewards can include promotions, coupons, free items, or whatever you decided.

Please fill out the following form. We will contact you shortly and also email an additional document with information on the Enterprise Account. The document includes a sample site and sample logins to get a better look on the inside. It also has all information on directly signing up and getting started immediately with full site setup and customization within 24-48 hours. We will work closely with you to understand your business objectives so that we can get a better idea of how our system can fit into your requirements. It is important to us that your business is profitable and our system is helping to make it profitable.

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