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eFitnessRewards is a cutting edge fitness platform based on the eFitnessTracker Framework that is easily adaptable to your organization's needs.

eFitnessRewards can provide your organization with a Web-based healthy lifestyle and training program for your members. eFitnessRewards is a complete, easy to use online application that enables users with diverse backgrounds and fitness levels to create and track a customized fitness and diet program that meets their specific goals and objectives. Moreover, it empowers your business with cuttind edge tools to market products and services to a captive audience intrested in health and wellness.

For those users who want some of the benefits of a personal trainer or nutritionist without the expense, this flexible application makes it happen. By answering some questions about their current lifestyle and what they hope to accomplish, eFitnessRewards can recommend a complete fitness program. At the same time, eFitnessRewards provides direct, seamless integration between the user and a trainer. Users can record and track their progress on their own or with professional guidance from anywhere, at anytime. Users of eFitnessRewards can keep track of their development either through a customized web portal or their mobile device. This flexibility provides up to date information and a consolidated view of progress for a total solution towards healthy living.

For your administrators, the admin control panel gives access to manage members, trainers, the Fitness Community & Blog module, and most importantly site advertising options. The combination of integrated advertising with traceable statistics on views and clicks provides your business with the exposure it needs to retain traffic and convert potential customers in paying customers.

In addition, the Fitness Rewards module will prove to be invaluable in retaining members while consequently promoting your products and sponsors. The use of incentives to reward people for healthy behavior has been shown to be extremely effective. Not only will members see a higher rate of success in their results, but your company can too increase leverage this feature to promote key products and services through carefully selected reward offers.

The eFitnessRewards program is designed to be cost effective and flexible, with a maximum potential for a positive return on investment.

Our healthly lifestyle program adds the following unique features to your fingertips:
  • Integrated Advertising
  • Lead Capture Technology
  • Tightly Coupled eCommerce Solution
  • Built-in Affiliate Program
  • Professional Content
  • Fitness Community & Blog
  • Fitness Rewards

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