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Resistance Band Workouts - Ski Conditioning
Skiing season around the corner? Preparing for a good season of white powder will help you prevent injury and lessen muscle soarness when on the slopes.

Make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes before beginning this routine and that you stretch each muscle group properly as directed. Maintain your pace throughout the entire workout with about 30 seconds rest in between sets.

Click on any exercise name in the workout below to see its description with images and video!
Exercise Name Muscle Sets Reps Weight Other Tempo
View Exercise Band SquatLegs215000
View Exercise Band LungeLegs215000
View Exercise Band Hip FlexionLegs215000
View Exercise Band Lying CurlLegs215000
View Exercise Band Lat Pull DownBack215000
View Exercise Band Chest PressChest215000
View Exercise Band Shoulder PressShoulders215000
View Exercise Band Standing Outer ThighLegs215000
View Exercise Band Inner ThighLegs215000
View Exercise Band Standing Leg ExtensionLegs215000
View Exercise Band Calf FlexLegs215000
View Exercise Ab Crunch ObliquesAbs215000
View Exercise Scissor KicksAbs215000