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Personal Trainers

Regardless of your training level a Personal Trainer can be your fitness program's most valuable asset and ally. Don't let the common misconceptions about Personal Trainers stand in the way of achieving your goals.


 Trainers are for athletes
A trainer can provide a great benefit for any person interested in fitness, regardless of your fitness level, athletic ability or age. Exercising correctly and with a plan is what many lack and what a trainer can provide. By selecting the right trainer you will be able to achieve the type of result you desire.

 Trainers are expensive
This is one of the most common misconceptions about personal trainers. Although like any other service there is a wide range of prices, finding a trainer in your price range should not be difficult. In fact a session with a Personal Trainer is a great, relatively inexpensive, gift for anyone who is into fitness.

 Trainers are for weightlifters and bodybuilders
Just as strength training is just one aspect of physical fitness, strength training is just one area of expertise for trainers. Personal trainers can assist in cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility and nutrition.

 Trainers are only useful for "general" training
Working with a trainer can benefit not only overall fitness, but also can be geared toward a specific sport or activity. Whether you are an up and coming youth athlete, or an adult looking to obtain a competitive edge in your game - tennis, skiing, golf or whatever - personal training can be your "secret weapon".

 Personal Training requires a major commitment to be useful
While the benefit from personal training increases with each session, even a single session can make a great difference to someone who doesn't work with a trainer regularly. The only commitment that is necessary is to yourself and to your fitness goals.