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Mass and Power - Intermediate 2 day split
This specially designed program is for those individuals with interest in Mass and Power and that have 6 months to a year weightlifting experience.

This routine is a 2 day split. Your goal will be to complete all of the workouts in the course of the week and you should try to have a day of rest in between workouts if possible except in situations where you may be doing a larger amount of workouts in a week or include some light cardio on days off from weights. As you can see, each routine is designed in such a way as to train different body parts on different days. Furthermore certain body parts are grouped together for maximum exertion such as chest and triceps because both muscle groups are used in many exercises for each body part. And if you notice, the major body parts such as back or legs are hit from different angles in order to develop them fully. It is direct training of these larger body parts that will allow you to see the results you are looking for.

Click on any exercise name in the workout below to see its description with images and video!
Day 1
Exercise Name Muscle Sets Reps Weight Other Tempo
View Exercise Bench Press - BarbellChest58000
View Exercise Incline Dumbbell PressChest48000
View Exercise Seated Dumbbell PressShoulders410000
View Exercise Dumbbell Front Raise (Alternating)Shoulders310000
View Exercise Dumbbell ShrugsShoulders312000
View Exercise Dips BenchArms410000
View Exercise Tricep Pushdown (Bar)Arms38000
View Exercise Dumbbell Wrist ExtensionArms315000
View Exercise Double CrunchAbs315000
View Exercise Slant Board Oblique TwistAbs315000

Day 2
Exercise Name Muscle Sets Reps Weight Other Tempo
View Exercise Plate Loaded Hack Squat - Hammer StrengthLegs510000
View Exercise Dumbbell LungeLegs310000
View Exercise Leg ExtensionLegs210000
View Exercise Prone Leg CurlLegs210000
View Exercise Seated Calf RaiseLegs315000
View Exercise Lat PulldownBack310000
View Exercise Dumbbell Bent Over RowBack310000
View Exercise EZ Bar CurlArms48000
View Exercise Dumbbell CurlArms310000
View Exercise Dumbbell Hammer CurlArms38000
View Exercise Kneeling Cable CrunchAbs315000
View Exercise Slant Board Oblique TwistAbs315000