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Flexibility, probably the most overlooked aspect of fitness, is also the easiest to acheive. By including a regular program of stretching - even in as little as 10 minutes a day - anyone can achieve a "reasonable" amount of flexibility.
Why not take the time to stretch?
  • Reduce overall stiffness and muscle pain caused by inactivity or staying in one position for too long - like sitting at your desk or in a plane.
  • Improve posture and overall feeling of well being.
  • Improve results from strength training.
  • Reduce injuries from physical activities.
  • When done right, it feels good!

How and When to Stretch - General Guidelines
Stretching, as the word implies, involves lengthening a muscle beyond its normal "resting" state. This should be done only after you have warmed the muscle up and gotten the "blood flowing" to it. Consider a 5-10 minute moderate warmup prior to stretching.
Stretching is a non-competitive activity: your only goal should be to have a "good" stretch. The general guidelines follow:
  • Use the correct form - follow the description and picture as closely as possible.
  • Enter the stretching motion slowly and in control - never bounce, overextend, or induce "bad" pain. You may have some minor discomfort - that's OK.
  • Once you reach your maximum stretch with the proper form, hold it for a count of 10, then slowly release. Repeat each stretch three times.
Click on any of the below stretches to see how they are performed:
  Abdomen Stretch Ball Side Stretch   Ball Torso Stretch

  Ball Arm Stretch    

  Inner Calf Stretch Outer Calf Stretch  

  Ball Chest Stretch Ball Shoulder Stretch   Ball Spine Stretch
  Chest and Deltoid Stretch Chest Stretch  

  Ball Arm Stretch Ball Back Stretch   Ball Chest Stretch
  Ball Front-of-Thigh Stretch Ball Hamstring Stretch   Ball Hip Stretch
  Ball Shoulder Stretch Ball Side Stretch   Ball Spine Stretch
  Ball Thigh Stretch Ball Torso Stretch   Ball Upper-Back Stretch
  Ball Waist Rotation Stretch    

  Forearm Stretch    

  Adductor Stretch Ball Hip Stretch   Glute Stretch
  Hip Extensor Stretch    

  Ball Hamstring Stretch Hamstring Stretch Sitting   Hamstring Stretch Standing

Lower Back
  Ball Back Stretch Ball Waist Rotation Stretch   Low Back Stretch Sitting
  Low Back Stretch Standing    

Mid-Back (Lats)
  Ball Upper-Back Stretch Lat Stretch  

  Front Neck Stretch Side Neck Stretch  

  Ball Front-of-Thigh Stretch Ball Thigh Stretch   Inner Thigh Stretch
  Quad Stretch    

  Ball Shoulder Stretch Ball Spine Stretch   Ball Upper-Back Stretch
  Chest and Deltoid Stretch Shoulder Stretch  

  Trapezious Stretch    

  Tricep Stretch