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Learn How to Create Marketing Opportunities From Health Fairs and Trade Shows
Jan 9, 2006
Author: Tom Perkins - Business Solutions Coach and Certified Personal Trainer

No one will argue that building your client base is an easy thing to accomplish.  According to statistics provided by the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of sales are not closed until between the 5th and 12th contact with a potential client.  This means that you need to be seen, heard, and read about on numerous occasions before someone will commit to using your services.   

There are several ways that you can reach your target audience.  One cost-effective way is to consider exhibiting at health fairs and trade shows.  These types of affairs give you the chance to introduce yourself and your services to potential clients, meet and strengthen your relationship with current clients, and to network with other area professionals. 

If you decided to participate in this type of event, consider the following tips: 

Before you attend:

  • Do your own mailing and follow up phone invitations to current and potential clients prior to the start date

  • Bring your appointment book to set up consultations you may receive at the event

  • Get ample rest the night before, drink plenty of water, eat for energy, and wear comfortable shoes

At the event, consider:

  • Offering door prizes that are announced over the intercom system or advertised in the program book.  This is great form of free advertisement.

  • Offering booth give-a-ways which display your name address and telephone number, i.e. key rings, pencils, water bottles, etc.

  • Having a boom box set up to play music that attracts people to your exhibit

  • Having someone at the event dressed in costume to pass out flyers, coupons, or freebies

  • Having a raffle where the person must leave a business card or fills out a short informational form.  Use a fishbowl with a place card.

  • Networking with other exhibitors at the event. Take some time to visit their displays and talk to others about potential partnership opportunities. This is a great way to generate leads and establish connections for future joint ventures.

After the event:

  • Follow up, follow up, follow up with any leads that were generated as a result of meeting potential clients or new networking contacts.

  • Even if the potential client is not interested in signing on the dotted line at this time, ask if they would like to remain on your mailing list to receive information about new services and upcoming events.

Tom Perkins is eFitnessTracker's Business Coach, a business solutions coach and a certified personal trainer who leads fitness professionals to profitability.